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Hello all.

Hello all.

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I'm not Yugoslavian by any means, but I figured it would be alright to join this community. I'm currently vacationing in Belgrade with my father and I'm just kinda looking for people who can chat with me and tell me of places to go. Meeting up is not out of the question but I'm sure no one on here would meet up with me. Feel free to contact me if you have any good places to go like cafes and restaurants and shops and museums and really any cool places where language shouldn't be too much of a barrier. I can only order drinks at the moment and not very well at that. Thanks in advance.
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    • Okay, sorry for the delayed reply, but thank you. That did infact help me out. I love the Kalemegdan and the Knez Mihajlova. I did try kajmak and I crave it all the time now. Thanks again.
  • this is probably too late for you, but if anyone else is going to belgrade and is looking for a cool place to be: visit 'café revolucion'. it's nearby knez mihajlova, and you'll see a big poster of che guevara outside. you don't have to be revolutionary or anything, it's a great café for anyone. the atmosphere there is amazing, the service is great, the drinks are great, and the latino-music is wonderful. i always go there when i'm in belgrade. i relax here more than any other place.

    i've also heard that 'bard klub' is good, i haven't been there yet, but i will next time:)
    • Ahhhh, nostalgia. But can really be nostalgia when the last time you went was like 9 days ago? I just got back from Serbia like...8 days ago, so I'm still sad about being home.
      • oh yes, it can. it's like abstinence, and i feel it from the minute the plane lifts off. i'm going to belgrade once every year now, if i had the money, i would've gone more often.

        it's so cool to see that someone outside balkan likes serbia, i thought the whole world hated us.:)
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