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Maintainer is MIA

Maintainer is MIA

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Hey, I've been a maintainer for a long time in this community and yet I am never around. Well I'd like to start off by reintroducing myself.

My name is Arnela. I'm back on livejournal hopefully for a while. I get to be busy with school and other things so if I don't reply to you, don't freak. I promise I will reply eventually.

Nevertheless, if you can all introduce yourselves to me by leaving a comment or IM-ing me @ oxmostarkaxo on AIM, that would be great!
  • welcome back

    I'm not a teen, but I'm a yugophile. I studied in Sarajevo and traveled in Croatia, Bosnia Herzogovina and Serbia during the summer of 1977. I swore I'd go back, but then life happened, and I didn't make it. Not yet. Anyway, hope you don't mind a non-teen dropping in from time to time.
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