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May 20th, 2007

(no subject)

i have a romanian friend, and when she speaks romanian it sounds really strange to me. but when i hear russian, it sounds more familiar to me. i was wondering how would russian have more in common w/bosnian if romania is closer to bosnia than russia is.

May 2nd, 2007


April 25th, 2007

(no subject)

can someone unconfuse me and tell me what is a "bosnian serb" and "bosnian croat?"

March 11th, 2007

(no subject)

i wonder how life would've been like if sfry and ussr still existed.

December 21st, 2006

(no subject)

Can anyone tell me more about the artist 'Keba'?

I was looking for the song 'Plava Kosulja' by Novi Fosili, but I came across 'Kosulja Plava' by Keba which have very similar lyrics, but very different song styles.


November 20th, 2006



where can i download bosnian, serbian and croatian music?

November 11th, 2006

Can anyone recommend good old Yugo songs, other than the usual suspects (Bijelo Dugme, Colic, Hari Mata Hari, Bajaga, etc) and anything that's not turbo folk? Thanks!

November 3rd, 2006


I am on my way to becoming an expert on ex-Yugoslavian literature, past and present (though in the present case we would have to further distinguish between Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin..etc.) It seems to be destined that I do this because EVERY SINGLE time I walk into a bookstore (the used ones are particularly hard to just look through) or a library, I somehow come across something either writen by nasi or about each respective country. Mind you, I don't even look for these books, 'cuz God knows I've never even heard of them. Some force pulls me toward an area and as I look around, something catches my eye whether it is a last name or a familiar word. Now, what sucks is most of these books are in English (I would kill for some na nasem, but no one is willing to send me any. When I go back I'll get them I know.
Without further ado, here is the complete set of books I own/have read so far:
The Woman From Sarajevo - Ivo Andric
The Bridge on the Drina - Ivo Andric
The Road to Kosovo: A Balkan Diary - Greg Cambell (not finished)
Necessary Targets - Eve Ensler (I really should read it, but I don't think I can face rape yet.)
Sarajevo Blues - Semezdin Mehmedinovic (This book holds my heart...as well as my Bijelo Dugme ticket!)
Balkan Farewells - Drazan Gunjaca (Also good.)
Konjic sa Zlatnim Sedlom - Nada Iveljic (Haha...)
Sarajevo Marlboro - Milenko Jergovic (:))
Sarajevo, Exodus of a City - Dzevad Karahasan (Nice history book about Sarajevo's Jews.)
Hotel Sarajevo - Jack Kersh (Westerners, they try but they just don't get it all completely right.)
Bosnia: A Short History - Noel Malcom (I'm trudging through it occasionally.)
Предео Сликан Чајем - Милорад Павић (Predeo Slikan Cajem - Milorad Pavic...hard to read Cyrillic)
Pretty Birds - Scott Simon (Another Westerner [It's so funny calling them that...]. OK book. Has an Irena in it, which is awesome.)
and finally, the book I'm reading now:
The War was Better - Miodrag Bulatovic (A sort of Catch-22) for the Balkan set. So far, so good.)
That's it for now, but I have a feeling it's not the end. Not yet.

November 1st, 2006

Bijelo Dugme

chat noir
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I've written an entry (+ pics) of the Dugmici concert in Toronto on my LJ. (There's also loads of stuff on Youtube.) If you're going to seem them stateside over the coming weeks you are definitely in for a treat. AND they're going Down Under in December.

Also, does anyone have any of the following mp3s:
1. Hej nek se cuje--Alen Islamovic
2. Sinoc sam pola kafane popio--Bebek
3. Oprosti mi sto te volim--Bebek

I can't fine #1 anywhere, #2 and #3 are on Nostalgija.com but #1 is only 1 second long and #3 is only half the song. Thanks.

October 17th, 2006

(no subject)

Any one have an albums they'd want to send to me? I've never heard them before, and I know they're popular thoughout ex-YU.

Also, Dino Merlin! :p


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