Excerpt: Who Is To Blame for Bosnian War?

I have permission from Amacom Books to distribute an excerpt from the new book, "NOT MY TURN TO DIE: Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia," by Savo Heleta. The author was 13 years old when the siege of his home town of Gorazde, Bosnia, began in 1992.

Ethnically Serbs, the Heleta family was in the difficult position of living in a Muslim city under constant attack by Serbian forces. The book is a nonstop chronicle of terror as the family is locked in a detention center, starved out, burned out, and facing the risk of death on an almost daily basis.

The excerpt I am distributing is called, "Muslims or Serbs: Who Is To Blame?" The excerpt shows how difficult it is to attach blame, as Muslim families come to the aid of the Heleta family and Serb forces threaten their lives. Savo Heleta pins the blame for atrocities in Gorazde, not on the Muslim army, but on the local police chief and mayor who make no attempt to hide their desire to murder every Serb in Gorazde.

The excerpt from NOT MY TURN TO DIE is available at the following URL:

If you prefer, I can send it to you as a text file or PDF -- send mailto:stevokeefe@bellsouth.net with the subject line, "Send Heleta" and I'll reply with the attachment.

Thanks for considering this difficult material.

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I'm looking for some popular serbian music. Preferably, links to sites on MySpace so I can actually hear the music. To give you an idea of what I like, though ANY suggestions are welcome, I mainly listen to bands like: Muse, Apoptygma Berserk, The Cruxshadows, VNV Nation, and of course popular music over here in the USA like Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, etc. I like a lot of Dark Wave, New Wave, and Industrial though. I don't know if there is anything like that over there though so any suggestions are welcome. I did a music search for Yugoslavia on MySpace and I got like...a kajillion hits so I'd like to narrow that down a little, haha. Thanks in advance.
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Maintainer is MIA

Hey, I've been a maintainer for a long time in this community and yet I am never around. Well I'd like to start off by reintroducing myself.

My name is Arnela. I'm back on livejournal hopefully for a while. I get to be busy with school and other things so if I don't reply to you, don't freak. I promise I will reply eventually.

Nevertheless, if you can all introduce yourselves to me by leaving a comment or IM-ing me @ oxmostarkaxo on AIM, that would be great!

Hello all.

I'm not Yugoslavian by any means, but I figured it would be alright to join this community. I'm currently vacationing in Belgrade with my father and I'm just kinda looking for people who can chat with me and tell me of places to go. Meeting up is not out of the question but I'm sure no one on here would meet up with me. Feel free to contact me if you have any good places to go like cafes and restaurants and shops and museums and really any cool places where language shouldn't be too much of a barrier. I can only order drinks at the moment and not very well at that. Thanks in advance.

Hello all.

I'm not Yugoslavian by any means, but I figured I should join this community because I'm visiting Belgrade at the moment. I kinda wanted to know of some cool teen oriented places that are not necessarily on the Knez Mihailo. Cafe's, restaurants, maybe if someone who is in Belgrade would like to meet up and take me to a club? Or just tell me of a club where I wouldn't feel so awkward being alone. Museums and shopping would be good too. I'm staying in a hotel near the Knez Mihailo. Actually one street away. so, any help would be good. Preferably places where I won't feel so awkward not knowing much more than how to order a drink in Serb. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Imam jedno pitanje

I have a question about (and for) serbian guys, probably it's more personal than national.

Is it a kind of your national trait - being so hot-tempered - or am I lucky to meet serbians like that? Am I too "northen" and cold to understand what could be a reason for an explosion?
What should I do to avoid scandals? (if I had such a chance at all - seems that I've got rid of them forever) =((((

Don't laugh at me, but I'm really embarrassed...

(no subject)

sometimes i hate how bosnian muslims make everything about religion. like i'll tell one of them i like a name that isn't islamic and they'll say "its not muslim." okay so what. i mean i'm pretty sure all the countries in the world give out a name that adheres to their culture, not religon necessarily. a romanian would give their child a romanian name, a russian a russian name, a bulgarian a bulgarian name. and bosnians a muslim name? i mean what happened to our "bosnian" names. like i told my mom i like the name svetlana and she said "its not muslim." who cares!? its slavic and we're still slavs. *sigh*
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