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yugo teens

sometimes i hate how bosnian muslims make everything about religion.…

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sometimes i hate how bosnian muslims make everything about religion. like i'll tell one of them i like a name that isn't islamic and they'll say "its not muslim." okay so what. i mean i'm pretty sure all the countries in the world give out a name that adheres to their culture, not religon necessarily. a romanian would give their child a romanian name, a russian a russian name, a bulgarian a bulgarian name. and bosnians a muslim name? i mean what happened to our "bosnian" names. like i told my mom i like the name svetlana and she said "its not muslim." who cares!? its slavic and we're still slavs. *sigh*
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  • it is childish and sometimes people are so hypocritical about it. i have people in my family with serbian and croatian names, and some even married americans. and i get looked down upon for saying i like a non-islamic name. psh...
  • ugh.

    Svetlana's a sweet name.

    I'm sure there are sweet muslim names too.

    When will these people ever learn?!
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